Oily Scalp Treatment

Oil Breaks Down Oil

You may want to wake up oily (yes, that’s a pun. Bear with us here.) in the morning, but that doesn’t mean your hair has to. 

Oily scalp is nothing to be ashamed of, it just means that your skin produces excess sebum. A common misconception with an oily scalp is that you may have just been born this way. While genetics can contribute to your oily scalp condition let’s not blame them, just yet. Misusing and layering heavy products as well as hormonal changes may also be the culprits here. 

Make sure that you’re shampooing regularly  to combat oil buildup, remove dirt, and disease producing bacteria. If you’re an oily scalp sufferer, you may have to enter a trial and error phase that will help you find the perfect shampoo routine. A general rule of thumb: oily hair should be shampooed more frequently then dry hair, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s needed every day.

Oily Scalp 411

If I have an oily scalp, should I wash my hair every day?

Oily scalp conditions can often be made worse by over shampooing. It sounds like it doesn’t make sense but hear us out. In order for a shampoo to be effective, it needs to thoroughly cleanse the hair of all impurities. This is good, we want this. But what happens next? Our body’s natural reaction is to get to work replacing the oil that was lost. If you have overactive sebaceous glands, we recommend washing your oily scalp every other day. This will help slow down the oil production.

Does dry shampoo really help control oily scalp?

Using a dry shampoo will not fix your oily scalp woes. We recommend using dry shampoo on the days you’re breaking from washing your hair as it’s a great way to keep your ‘do revitalized. Pro tip: apply the dry shampoo to your oily scalp at night and brush it though evenly before you go to bed, this will help the product absorb and soak up excess oils while you sleep.

What causes oily scalp?

Hormonal imbalances, diet, and genetics play a role in the excessive production of oil on your scalp.

To our oily scalp friends, you're not alone.

The Detox Treatment

Our Detox treatment is designed to help control your overactive oil production. This treatment’s main goal is to increase blood circulation to the surface layer of your scalp. By doing this, the oil that has been built up in the pores of your scalp will be reduced. Technicians may also remove excess oil during this treatment with scalp massage techniques. To normalize the function of your overactive glands and discourage further build up, the excess oil will be flushed out & rinsed during each step leaving your oily scalp both regulated and manageable.