Normal Scalp Treatment

So how do you take care of a normal scalp?

In the winter you may feel dry, and in the summer your scalp may get sweaty. Aside from the environmental changes, you haven’t noticed much of anything when it comes to your scalp, now what?

Your scalp is responsible for housing and nourishing the hair that grows from it, and it requires proper care to remain healthy. The two basic requirements for achieving a healthy scalp are: cleanliness and manipulation. If you haven’t established a proper scalp/hair care routine, then no worries! We’re here to help. We recommend the following techniques:


Daily Care

  • Use hydrating oils & serums
  • Give yourself a light head massage
  • Brush, brush, brush (but be gentle!)
  • Spray some SPF to prevent UV damage to your scalp and hair


Weekly Care

  • Cleanse & exfoliate
  • Condition to seal the cuticle

Normal Scalp 411

How do I know if I have a normal-combination scalp?

An easy way to tell is if you lean more towards an oily scalp type but also notice the splitting of your ends. This is a good indicator that your hair is lacking the proper nutrients that strengthen your hair follicles from roots to ends. Don’t fret! Our treatments are customizable. Just because you sign up for a normal, dry, or oily treatment doesn’t mean our technicians will proceed without care. They perform a full scalp analysis before every treatment to make sure your individual scalp concerns are treated properly.

If my scalp & hair are considered normal, why would I change my current routine?

Great work! You don’t need to necessarily change what you are currently doing. We recommend the above as guidelines to maintain the quality and integrity of your scalp and hair.

My scalp is considered normal, but how can I make it grow faster?

Our hair grows in 3 different stages, Anagen (growth), Catagen (transition), and Telogen (rest). When in the growing stage, normal healthy hair can grow up to ½ inch a month. Keep in mind, the growth phase varies from person to person, and can last between 2-8 years. That’s a long amount of time! While there may not be a magical hair pill that makes your hair grow inches overnight; we recommend you stay hydrated, maintain a balanced diet, and give yourself daily head massages that stimulate your scalp and increase blood flow.

Our Signature Experience

The Chill Scalp Treatment

The Chill Scalp Treatment is a personalized experience designed to give your scalp the TLC you didn’t know it needed. As this session is the most customizable, our technicians will utilize the best products, tools, and techniques based on your scalp analysis. What you’ll end up with is the ultimate relaxation sesh that will give you the boost you need to  get back to your daily grind.