Dome 101

In regards to hair care & scalp wellness, it’s important to identify your scalp type so that you can properly take care of it! Don’t worry, this is just as easily done as it is said.

Just take a scroll through this page and find the indicators that most align with your personal experience. Once you’ve found the scalp type that best fits, we’ll take it from there.

Normal Scalp

What to Look for: 

  • Sweaty in the summer
  • Dry in the winter
  • Can be tamed
  • Shiny, supple hair

We recommend: Chill

A personalized experience designed to give your scalp the TLC you didn’t know it needed.

Oily Scalp

What to look for:

  • Limp Hair
  • Greasy Sheen
  • Sticky, stringy strands
  • Visible Dandruff

We recommend: Detox

Designed to help control your overactive oil production through purifying and restoring
pH balance of your scalp.

Dry Scalp

What to look for:

  • Itchy scalp
  • Shoulder snowflakes
  • Split ends / breakage
  • Frizzy, frizzy, frizzy

We recommend: Hydrate

Designed to nourish and heal your dry scalp from the inside, out by infusing moisture.