Introducing #domeathome

At dome, we’re on a mission to entwine wellness into your routine all while alleviating the stressors that stem from everyday life. When you walk into a dome location, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Our team offers services that work on both your inner and your outer well-being through targeted head massages & scalp treatments you’ll soon realize you simply can’t live without. Of course we get that you can’t stop by to see us every day, so we thought to ourselves: “How can dome customers experience this type of relief whenever and wherever they want?’ 

Thus, #domeathome was created. 

First things first, what is #domeathome? 

#domeathome is inviting the dome space into your home through easy-to-digest pieces that will teach you how to incorporate self- and scalp-care practices  into your daily routine. We’re putting the power into your hands (literally) to take control, from navigating those  first steps on your good hair journey to learning how to seek calm in your comfort zone. Because, yes, a good mood can truly be just a head massage away. 

Our goal: to help you to feel well-informed on how to achieve balance when you need it most. 


“ #domeathome is inviting the dome space into your home through easy-to-digest pieces that will teach you how to incorporate self-care practices into your daily routine. ”

Here’s what you can expect…

Have you ever wondered if there really are benefits to a homemade avocado scalp treatment? Shied away from using hot tools? Thought twice about putting OIL on your head? We’re going to be debunking myths as well as teaching you a thing or two on how to properly take care of your scalp with total ease. You can look forward to pieces that cover fun, helpful topics such as: 5-minute head massages, DIY scalp treatments, hair care hacks, our favorite products, relaxation techniques, and more. We’ll highlight tips & tricks for all hair types as well as educate on how best to focus positive energy into the various steps of your daily schedule. Basically, no matter what your jam is – we’re going to be talking about it.  


Not convinced? Here’s the top 3 reasons why you’ll love #domeathome.

1. Stay in your comfort zone. 
Try out the new wellness practices we write about, or don’t! If you simply want to read &   digest any new information then that’s totally fine. Your #domeathome experience is what you make it. 


2. Dome on the go. 
Like we said, we know you can’t come visit us every day (though we highly recommend it). So you can take all of our head massage experience benefits, and then some, with you wherever you are. 


3. Scalp therapy > retail therapy.  
The majority of our pieces will cover ways in which you can exercise hair-, scalp-, and self-care without breaking the bank. Your wallet will thank you.  


There are so many benefits to learning how to properly care for your scalp through therapy, massage, and treatments. We understand that it can be a lil’ bit tricky navigating just exactly how to get started, and are no strangers to the 5-minute Google search then bail tactic. #domeathome will provide you with all of the information you’ll need to take care of yourself, and to do it right. 

Accessible wellness for mind, body, soul, & hair is on the way. Stay tuned. ✨