About Us

dome /dōm/

|def.| An open concept studio designed to bring you the best parts of salon & spa, with an extra sprinkle of good vibes. Our mission is to invite a new wellness space into the lives of busy professionals through focusing on a harmonious blend of stress relief and scalp health.

Let's get to the root of it.

The best part of your salon experience happens at the shampoo station. You look forward to sitting down, leaning back, and getting. that. head massage. If you’ve often wondered why you can’t just enjoy this calming moment without committing to a new ‘do, you’re not alone. The dome experience is your hair washing service unbundled, bringing a new wave of head massages with a strong focus on scalp health.

Our Values


We prioritize inclusivity by creating a diverse environment filled with respect & equality.


We put grace at the heart of our service, you can unwind knowing you’re in good hands.


We are authentic, honest, & transparent. Your well-being comes first.


We offer complete relaxation at an affordable price.

Want to join our team?

We’re always looking for wellness obsessed, people-oriented, & motivated individuals to join and grow with us.