Change the
way you relax.

30-minute customizable head massages tailored to your individual needs.


Introducing an innovative wellness space for the neck, up.

We’ve unbundled the salon experience to offer a new wave of targeted head massage & scalp treatments designed to promote a healthier you.

Your 30 minute head massage, unpacked.


You’ll be paired with a dome technician who will examine your scalp & identify the best treatment for you. Oily scalp, split ends, dandruff? Nothing to be ashamed of here. Our technicians are licensed professionals, which means we’ve seen it all. 


Let the customization begin. During the head massage experience, technicians will be addressing all of your scalp needs with expert touch. All you have to do is sit back & relax while you enjoy the stress relieving benefits of our process. 


Your 30 minutes is up! Over already? Ugh, that went by fast. If you have a few extra minutes, take advantage of our Style Station. We provide you with all the professional products and tools needed to help you freshen up for the rest of your busy day. 

Our Pricing

The head massage experience you’ve been wanting, without all of the frills & strings attached. We keep it simple with a one-time visit price of $65 or a membership rate of $50. Learn More

Healthy Mind, Healthy Scalp, Healthy You

One of the defining features of our head massage experience is the customized scalp treatment. Our technicians will curate your session based on your scalp type & needs.

We cant wait to tell you more.

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